Our Diverse Product Range

Delivering quality products is a promise that we like to keep and with that in mind we manufacture products that have carved a niche for themselves. Our diverse range of products include:

  • Toroidal Transformer
  • Toroidal transformers are passive electronic components which has a round shaped magnetic core around which wire is wounded. Toroidal transformers are used in TVs, radio, computer and mobile phones.

  • 400 Hz Transformers
  • These kinds of transformers are generally used in aerospace and marine works. Due to its high quality manufacturing, they are durable in nature.

  • Ganged and Linear Potentiometers
  • Ganged potentiometer is one where multiple resistors are ganged together on a single shaft. These kinds of potentiometer are generally used in audio systems such as stereo by which volume can be adjusted. A linear potentiometer helps in producing an output that varies as per the position of a slider or a wiper. These resistors consist of three wires out of which two are connected with each other and third one helps as connector to fix the resistance between them.

  • Flexible Current Transformers
  • These transformers help in measuring AC current for power metering. These are mainly used where space is not enough to install big transformers.

  • Servo Potentiometer
  • Servo potentiometer is an automatic meter that uses error sensing negative feedback to correct the performance. Any difference between the actual and wanted values is amplified with the help of this device.

Apart from above, products we also deal in products like high wattage resistors, single wire potentiometer, single turn potentiometer, current transformers, rheostat and load bank etc. These are some of the products and we also have a large inventory for various other items.

Note : Dimensions depend on the burden of class and accuracy
Range : Primary upto 3000A Secondary mA, 1A, & 5a
Voltage : Maximum Line Voltage 660 V Test voltage 2500V
Frequency : 50C/s-60C/s
Standard : The current Transformer generally conform to ISS2705
Safety : Safety Assured by Perfect Isolation of Secondary Circuit
Burden : 0.5VA To 50 VA
Accuracy : Class1(Closer tolerance available)