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Efficient Toroidal Coil Corporation (ETCC) is one of the leading manufacturers of toroidal transformer and wire wound potentiometers. It was established in the year 1994 and since its establishment, it has been leading the potentiometer industry. With changes in time, it has grown in terms of manufacturing, research and marketing of its products.

Identifications of a problem are keys to its solutions. Keeping in check the proper market demands, the company changes its working style. Its products are manufactured by proper tools and machineries making them easy to use as they become very precise in measuring and testing. Their machineries are taken care of with regular inspections and maintenance. Innovation of new techniques makes our products more effective. Our staffs is highly experienced, well equipped and have inherited special skills to operate different machinery. The staff also possess expertise in assembling the products of quality.

With changing times, we too have changed and gradually evolved as a company but haven’t compromised on our core values that is satisfaction of our customers by providing them with the exact products. We have incorporated many trends and also been a trendsetter for many products. Our products meet the requirements of the most complicated standards, making us the most trusted among the rest of the manufacturers or dealers. These kind of challenges are faced by our technical team and they are absolutely able to come with solutions at ease.

All our products pass strict quality checks and adhere to international standards. We offer customized solutions for bulk orders as well.

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