Control the Power with Current Transformers

A current transformer which helps in producing an alternating current(AC) is secondary and proportional to AC in its primary terms. These current transformers are mainly used when current is too high and there is a need to measure high voltage. Current transformers are used in electrical appliances and equipment and are also widely used in electronic meters and relays.

Current transformer manufacturers (L.T.) use steel silicon ring core wound with copper wire wounds. As copper is a good conductor of electricity, it helps in easy flow of electricity. Winding is a necessary part of current transformers. Winding is done with copper wire core to supply electricity. Its opening in centre enables its accuracy. Current transformers shapes and sizes depend upon the uses. Low voltage meters are either of ring type or plastic moulded case. In no case, should one use a low voltage current transformer in situations where there are chances of high voltage through circuits and fluctuation which may result in fire or electrical shock.

The current transformer manufacturers (L.T)ensure that the products have phases that is the current transformers have phase shifts up to 6 degrees. With new technological up gradation, electronic meters now allowcurrent phase error to be rectified. Current transformers are used for protecting high voltage electrical grids. Due to best quality insulation, current transformers are not directly exposed to heat resulting into increase of its life and durability. These current transformers come into play when main electrical grid is far away from electrical points and supply of current goes through high resistant cables to ensure proper and adequate supply of current.