Transforming Power with Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers are one of the core components of our daily use electronic appliances like television, computer, radio, etc. These are electronic components which carry a round magnetic ring that is covered with wires. Their use has tremendously increased due to their electrical purposes and performances.

The main aspect of toroidal transformers is the copper wire which a very good conductor of electricity. Copper wires surround the core. One of the major importance of toroidal transformer is its ability to transmit the power to long distances. Toroidal power transformer manufacturers emphasize that there product can also be used to change the voltages and current in a DC (Direct current)circuit. They help in supplying current without any noise and also help in safely transmitting electricity into electrical appliances. Up gradation in manufacturing process and new winding has helped in decreasing the cost of toroidal transformers.

Toroidal power transformer manufacturersbasically have numerous methods at to manufacture toroidal transformers. Some of the popular ones are bolt mounts, moulded in threaded inserts, as well as many types of shielding. Due to their importance and significance, toroidal transformers are manufactured in bulk and are available in both markets and online. We all love to hear music;these transformers are generally used in music devices such as DVD/CD players, televisions and stereos. Toroidal transformers are available online from the price bracket of Rs.1200/- to 2000/- depending upon the quality, size and usage of them.

ETCC is one of the leading 400 Hz toroidal transformer (Airborne Application) manufacturers. Toroidal transformers are available in different Hertz (Hz). The 400 Hz toroidal transformer (Airborne Application) manufacturers ensure that their products are light in weight as these are mainly used in aero spaces and marines. These kinds of transformers are suited for both single and three phase power systems.