All You Need to Know About Potentiometers

ETCC is one of the leading precision wire wound potentiometer manufacturers. Potentiometers are a three terminal resistor with a sliding contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider. Potentiometer is commonly used in as a device to control volume in audio appliances as sudden high volume can really damage our ear drums and in some extreme cases a person might lose the ability to hear properly. Thus, this is an important part of manufacturing. These are used to directly control significant power as the power degenerated would be comparable to the power in the controlled load.

Kinds of Potentiometer

  • Slide Pot: This type of potentiometer helps in adjusting by sliding the wiper left or right (or up and down, depending on the installation), usually with a finger or thumb.
  • Thumbwheel Pot: This is a small rotating potentiometer meant to be adjusted infrequently by means of a small thumbwheel.
  • Trimmer Pot: This type of potentiometer is typically meant to be adjusted once or infrequently for "fine-tuning" an electrical signal.

Their resistance ranges varies from 1Ohm (SI derived unit of electrical resistance) to 10 Ohms. Due to their purpose of use their resistance of tolerance is up to + 15% as per standards. These potentiometers are available from 1 Watt to 3 Watts depending upon the nature of work it is required for. They can bear up to 250 voltages. Potentiometer dielectric strength which ensure how much pure material can bear under ideal conditions without break down are 500 Volts. Its ENR (electronic noise reduction) is less than100 Ohms. Precision wire wound potentiometer manufacturers reap huge profits because the ever rising demand.