All About Precision Servo Potentiometers

The servo potentiometers are basically automatic devices that use error sensing negative feedback to rectify the performance. Servos operates on the method of negative feedback and any difference between the actual and wanted values is amplified with the help of servo potentiometers.

Servo potentiometer history goes back to centuries when it was used in military and marine navigation equipment. With technologies changing day by day and new features being developed, the use of servo potentiometers has changed immensely. They are now available with better technology and have in built features to provide the user with accurate solutions for their problems. Nowadays servo potentiometers are generally used in automatic machine tools which help in precision of product that machine is making by giving proper feedbacks and values.

These are also now being used in satellite tracking antennas which help in keeping a close eye on satellites which are sent to space for different purposes. Some servo potentiometers are also handy in remote control airplanes, these helps in flying the airplane without the pilot. These days’ cameras are in high demand;in fact mobile industry is on boom due to multiple apps in phone and camera quality. These servo potentiometers also helps in revolutionising the camera industry as some of the major camera companies use these servo potentiometers for auto focussing feature that helps in moving the camera lens and adjust the focus automatically without adjusting it manually. In industrial machines servo potentiometers are used as solution for complex motions.